A Shout-Out to Helen!!

So, I was in at my desk after the show this morning, and Helen (our totally awesome receptionist) pokes her head into the Production office and tells me to get outside and look at the towers.

I love seeing the moon during the daytime, and this was an amazing shot; too good to pass up.

Thanks Helen!!

Towering Moon

Towering Moon Close-Up


Rainy Day

A rainy day to match my mood.  *blargh*

It was a rare day today…Late January…Mid 70s, with severe weather in the area.  It heralds the return of Lake KOAM.  Also known as “The Big Damn Puddle in Front of the Building.”

I took these pictures outside my office window.  Just before the temperature dropped 20 degrees.  73 today, 38 tomorrow.  Yay.

Welcome to Kansas.



Dripping Berries

El Dorado Lake

So, on the way up to the Flint Hills Scenic Byway, we swung by El Dorado Lake.  I took this picture out by Chelsea Cemetery.  It’s on a little road that dead-ends in the lake, and has always been one of my favorite spots to visit.  I’ve been going there for years, so I also get a first hand look at how far the lake levels have dropped.  This time, I was able to hop off the road, walk down to the shoreline, and grab a really nice piece of driftwood.  And no, the wood in the picture is not what I brought home.  *grin*


Beautiful Kansas

So Friday, I get a phone call from Steph asking if I can be at her place by 9am Saturday morning.

Spontaneous road trip!  To the Flint Hills Scenic Byway.  Hwy 177 between Cassoday and Council Grove.  Worth every mile of the drive.

I don’t care what anyone says.  Kansas is beautiful.  If you just pass through, or simply fly over, you’re missing a lot.  And that’s your loss.  (Spoken like a true Kansas girl, born and raised.)

Rolling Kansas Plains

Happy Warm Place on a Cold Sunday Morning


I’ve not always liked tea.  When I was a kid, the only way I would drink it was with about a cup of sugar mixed in.  Then, a few years ago, Mom, Aunt Judy, and Donna took me to a little tea shop in Augusta called Miss Muzzie’s Tea Shop.  Mom ordered their Wild Strawberry Tea, no add-ins, and I tried some.

I was hooked.

Unfortunately, Miss Muzzie’s is closed… 😦  But I’ve continued to drink the Davidson’s Wild Strawberry Tea ever since.  It’s a special tea to me, it reminds me of Mom.

In the years since, my taste for tea was expanded quite a bit, and I’ve found another favorite.  PG Tips.  And I’ve been a fan of Earl Grey for as long as I’ve been a Star Trek Fan.

I’ve made it a habit of starting every day with at least one cup of hot tea in the morning, and in the afternoon, I switch to iced.  And now, I can’t imagine why on Earth as a kid I dumped so much sugar into my tea, ruining such an awesome drink.  I guess my tastes have changed.

I’ll take my tea black.