I have seen the light!

And it is awesome.  It has a flavor…a unique flavor…garlicky.  With tomato, and a hint of lemon.

I love spaghetti.  I always have.  And after practically being raised on store-bought pasta sauce (aside from Betty’s Spaghetti which was so time consuming, Mom never wanted to make it), I decided to try something new.  Well, at least for me.

Homemade Marinara Sauce.  Heaven in a pot.  The best spaghetti I have ever eaten.


It’s beyond easy.  So easy, I made it twice.  I made some Friday evening for my Linguine.

The best sauce ever


By Saturday evening, it was gone.

So, Sunday, I made some more.  I decided to add some meatballs this time around…and discovered that my meatball recipe is woefully inadequate when compared to the sauce.  The search for a new meatball recipe begins!

Sauce in the Pot

Heaven in a bowl


I have some left over in my fridge right now.  I’m supposed to save it for dinners this week.

Do you have any idea how hard that is?  I want to eat it all!  Right now!  I am a convert!  I will never buy pre-made pasta sauce again!  And neither should you.



I’m feeling a bit contemplative this evening.  It always happens this time of year…even more so now that Mom’s gone.  I guess I’ve got a lot to think about.  My life has changed a great deal in the past two years.  It’s almost like I can’t catch a break.  Just when I think everything’s slowing down and I can get a deep breath in, something else knocks the wind out of me.

I miss Chelsea Road.  It’s a little road that dead ends in the middle of El Dorado Lake.  It’s where I’d go when I needed a place to think things through.  I haven’t been able to find anyplace like it here in Pittsburg…I haven’t felt like I needed it until now.  Maybe I should start looking.  I’d always feel better after a few hours out at Chelsea.

I know I have at least one person who I can talk to about this stuff, and I’ve recently just discovered a second person who has helped me more than I can ever tell her (and I’m definitely looking forward to visiting her next summer…my first *real* vacation).  Talking to my Aunt and Cousin always helps, but sometimes, I just have to work it out on my own, you know?  That’s where I am right now.  A “spring cleaning” of my brain of sorts.

And since I can’t visit Chelsea Road, I guess I’ll just have to make do with photos.

Dead Plant


Chelsea Road

End of the Road

I guess I’ll end on this little contemplative note that used to pop into my head when I was younger, before I dealt with my depression.

If you decided to just walk away from everything…leave it all behind…computer, phone, everything…If you decided to walk away and start over, how long do you think it would take for people to notice you were gone?