I have seen the light!

And it is awesome.  It has a flavor…a unique flavor…garlicky.  With tomato, and a hint of lemon.

I love spaghetti.  I always have.  And after practically being raised on store-bought pasta sauce (aside from Betty’s Spaghetti which was so time consuming, Mom never wanted to make it), I decided to try something new.  Well, at least for me.

Homemade Marinara Sauce.  Heaven in a pot.  The best spaghetti I have ever eaten.


It’s beyond easy.  So easy, I made it twice.  I made some Friday evening for my Linguine.

The best sauce ever


By Saturday evening, it was gone.

So, Sunday, I made some more.  I decided to add some meatballs this time around…and discovered that my meatball recipe is woefully inadequate when compared to the sauce.  The search for a new meatball recipe begins!

Sauce in the Pot

Heaven in a bowl


I have some left over in my fridge right now.  I’m supposed to save it for dinners this week.

Do you have any idea how hard that is?  I want to eat it all!  Right now!  I am a convert!  I will never buy pre-made pasta sauce again!  And neither should you.


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