A Weekend with Friends

Hey, it’s the first weekend of Spring!

So, here’s a winter storm courtesy of Kansas Weather!!  Yay!

What do you do when it’s cold, and rainy, and generally crappy outside?  You hang out with your best friends and cook!

I had a few extra days off this weekend, and Amanda was in town to visit, with awesome yummy things…so we went over to Steph’s house and ended up trying a new recipe.  I’ve been wanting to try this one for a few weeks now, and it was worth the wait.

I bring you…Beer Braised Beef Stew!

Beer Braised Beef Stewhttp://heatherhomemade.com/2013/02/beer-braised-beef-stew/

And Brussel Sprouts with Bacon!

Bacon Brussel Sprouts


We used the frozen ones for this, and didn’t cut them in half.


Both recipes rocked.  I loved the stew.  It turned out so much better than the one I did last week.  This one is a definite keeper.  Just a note…We omitted the flour because of a gluten intolerance, and the peas because of a pea intolerance.  (Nasty little things…)  The beer I used was Honey Brown Lager. I would also like to say that neither Steph nor I have EVER had Brussel Sprouts until Amanda cooked this recipe for us, and we are now converts…Because bacon makes everything awesome.

And because the furry ones did not want to be left out…
Daisy wants Bacon

This is Daisy, waiting for her human servant, Stephanie, to give her the bacon.

Strider wants Bacon

And this is Strider, begging Amanda to drop some of the bacon.

Neither of them got the bacon.