Here Comes the Sun

It’s not everyday a person can get a picture of the sun, but when you get the opportunity, take it.

On a day like this, when the clouds do this…

Cloudy Day


I love it when I can get a picture like this…

Cloudy Sun


By the way, those wires in the first picture are the Guy Wires that hold the Towers up at KOAM.


September Sunrise


So, it occurred to me today that I haven’t posted anything in far too long…Time to fix that.  I really need to get back to taking photos.

This one is why I love working the Morning Show at a television station in the fall.  The sun rises after the show is over, and I get glorious images like this one.  I didn’t actually have my camera with me this morning, so my Totally-Awesome-Boss let me into the Totally-Awesome-Promotion Manager’s office to grab a camera.  Snapped this pict out the window in the Production office by my desk.