Icy December Morning

There are some positives to working at a TV station that’s in the middle of a cornfield, 10 miles from town.  There’s even more when you are working there when the sun rises.  And when everything is covered in a half inch layer of ice, you get some lovely pictures.


Sunrise and the Lazy Dog

I love this time of year.  I love the fall, I love the rain…and I love when the sunrise starts just after my show is over at 7am.  It means I get shots like this when I look out my office window.

Silo Sunrise wide

Silo Sunrise close

Silo Sunrise tree


Then, when I get home to upload the pictures to the computer, I get this, from the dog who thinks I should be paying attention to him 100% of the time.

Pay attention to me!Mom, why aren’t you paying attention to me yet?



Oh, and I brought my pictures home from the LBD Photo Contest…the ones from my last post.  They are now proudly displayed on the wall!

The five enteriesAnd the winner!

The winner



Go bye bye?

Strider loves his car rides.  There was severe weather in the area over the weekend, so I had to go and drive right into it, and of course, the Corgi got to come along.

Car Ride!


Got some lovely pictures.  I love thunderstorms.



Sun and Clouds


Dark Clouds


And my favorite.  I love the contrast in colors during storms.  Especially when back-lit by the sun.

Field During the Storm


We’re going into my favorite time of the year.  Spring.  aka Severe Weather Season.  People think I’m nuts…going out after these storms, but, I know how to chase.  I work at a TV station, and I’m pretty sure my meteorologist friends/co-workers would smack me upside the head if I didn’t do it safely.

So expect pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures of storms.



September Sunrise


So, it occurred to me today that I haven’t posted anything in far too long…Time to fix that.  I really need to get back to taking photos.

This one is why I love working the Morning Show at a television station in the fall.  The sun rises after the show is over, and I get glorious images like this one.  I didn’t actually have my camera with me this morning, so my Totally-Awesome-Boss let me into the Totally-Awesome-Promotion Manager’s office to grab a camera.  Snapped this pict out the window in the Production office by my desk.

Crescent Sun

So, as most of you know, there was an annular eclipse today.  Me, being the astronomy nut and shutter bug I am, went out to take pictured.  There’s a bit of a story here…Amanda’s in town, so we hopped into the car and went west.  As we were driving, trying not to blind ourselves as we attempted to see the eclipse, we passed some people pulled over to watch.  They had a telescope.  Amanda suggested we stop and see it we could join them.  And thus we met Joe, Wanda, and Phyllis.  Three super nice astronomy buffs who were kind enough to let two total strangers crash their eclipse party.  They had a telescope set up, and it was amazing to watch the eclipse in this, especially when the clouds passed over the sun.

Once the sun dropped below those clouds there, we were able to watch the eclipse with no problems.  And I started taking pictures.

So, there it is.  My very first eclipse!  *does happy dance*

And thank you Joe, Wanda, and Phyllis, for letting us hang out with you for what turned out to be a really fun evening!!!