A Shout-Out to Helen!!

So, I was in at my desk after the show this morning, and Helen (our totally awesome receptionist) pokes her head into the Production office and tells me to get outside and look at the towers.

I love seeing the moon during the daytime, and this was an amazing shot; too good to pass up.

Thanks Helen!!

Towering Moon

Towering Moon Close-Up


Crescent Sun

So, as most of you know, there was an annular eclipse today.  Me, being the astronomy nut and shutter bug I am, went out to take pictured.  There’s a bit of a story here…Amanda’s in town, so we hopped into the car and went west.  As we were driving, trying not to blind ourselves as we attempted to see the eclipse, we passed some people pulled over to watch.  They had a telescope.  Amanda suggested we stop and see it we could join them.  And thus we met Joe, Wanda, and Phyllis.  Three super nice astronomy buffs who were kind enough to let two total strangers crash their eclipse party.  They had a telescope set up, and it was amazing to watch the eclipse in this, especially when the clouds passed over the sun.

Once the sun dropped below those clouds there, we were able to watch the eclipse with no problems.  And I started taking pictures.

So, there it is.  My very first eclipse!  *does happy dance*

And thank you Joe, Wanda, and Phyllis, for letting us hang out with you for what turned out to be a really fun evening!!!