A Short Dog in a Tall Winter

It sucks when you’ve got stubby little legs and there’s five inches of fresh snow on the ground!  Doesn’t make it very easy to got potty.

IMG_2947 IMG_2949 IMG_2951 IMG_2950 IMG_2952 IMG_2953

I don’t think Strider was too happy with me.  I shoveled the sidewalk, but not the yard.  How dare I?

IMG_2954He managed, but I got the stink-eye.


Icy December Morning

There are some positives to working at a TV station that’s in the middle of a cornfield, 10 miles from town.  There’s even more when you are working there when the sun rises.  And when everything is covered in a half inch layer of ice, you get some lovely pictures.

Go bye bye?

Strider loves his car rides.  There was severe weather in the area over the weekend, so I had to go and drive right into it, and of course, the Corgi got to come along.

Car Ride!


Got some lovely pictures.  I love thunderstorms.



Sun and Clouds


Dark Clouds


And my favorite.  I love the contrast in colors during storms.  Especially when back-lit by the sun.

Field During the Storm


We’re going into my favorite time of the year.  Spring.  aka Severe Weather Season.  People think I’m nuts…going out after these storms, but, I know how to chase.  I work at a TV station, and I’m pretty sure my meteorologist friends/co-workers would smack me upside the head if I didn’t do it safely.

So expect pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures of storms.



Thank you Kansas…

Wow!  Two posts in as many days!  There’s a reason though…

I’ve reached 60 followers!!  Yay!  I know that’s not a whole ton, compared to some of the blogs that I follow, but for someone who is still fairly new at blogging…THANK YOU SIXTY AWESOME PEOPLE!

So, I will give you pictures…of a snow storm…on March 24th.

Thank you, Kansas…

Strider enjoyed playing in the snow this morning…

Strider Playing

Strider in Snow


Is it spring yet?  Oh…wait…Snow

And because it’s cute…A Random Fuzzy Duck-Rabbit Pen Thing!

Random Fuzzy Thing

Snowy…well, not really…

I would like to state, for the record…That is not snow.  It’s two inches of sleet.

Strider decided to try to run after some little critter.  On an ice covered yard.  The only thing funnier than a Corgi running is a Corgi trying to run on ice.  He made it…eventually.

Barking Corgi


He was so proud of himself.

Proud Corgi

Rainy Day

A rainy day to match my mood.  *blargh*

It was a rare day today…Late January…Mid 70s, with severe weather in the area.  It heralds the return of Lake KOAM.  Also known as “The Big Damn Puddle in Front of the Building.”

I took these pictures outside my office window.  Just before the temperature dropped 20 degrees.  73 today, 38 tomorrow.  Yay.

Welcome to Kansas.



Dripping Berries