Snowy…well, not really…

I would like to state, for the record…That is not snow.  It’s two inches of sleet.

Strider decided to try to run after some little critter.  On an ice covered yard.  The only thing funnier than a Corgi running is a Corgi trying to run on ice.  He made it…eventually.

Barking Corgi


He was so proud of himself.

Proud Corgi


Here Comes the Sun

It’s not everyday a person can get a picture of the sun, but when you get the opportunity, take it.

On a day like this, when the clouds do this…

Cloudy Day


I love it when I can get a picture like this…

Cloudy Sun


By the way, those wires in the first picture are the Guy Wires that hold the Towers up at KOAM.

Be Afraid…Be Very Afraid…

There are some people who follow this blog that will know what this is.  And if I know those people (Dad, Aunt Judy, and Marci) like I think I do, then they’re probably running away from their computers right now, screaming in terror.  Don’t worry family!  I have no plans to inflict this upon you!

Now my co-workers on the other hand…*insert maniacal laughter here*

This is a Brandied Fruit Starter.  No, no one gave it to me…I had to make it myself.  It’s similar to Friendship Bread.  Someone gives you a starter, you feed it, it grows, you give a starter to someone else, feed yours some more…lather, rinse, repeat until you get so sick and tired of it that you finally throw it away.

One of the Mom’s sorority friends gave us some when I was in high school, and it was really good…for a while, then it got tossed.  For some insane reason, I got to craving some, and well…I’m doomed.  Dad has strictly forbidden me from giving him any (well, that’s no fun), so my co-workers at KOAM (and probably Steph too) will be the unfortunate victims of the Brandied Fruit of Doom.

Brandied Fruit Starter

Fear the big damn jar of fruit…